How Lattes Make You Happier

Appreciating the little things in life

By: Justice Sahaydak

I’ve crossed the Washington Avenue Bridge hundreds of times. I should be sick of the trek. But I can’t help but notice that the Minneapolis skyline looks a little different every day. The light never falls quite the same way, and the rain, fog, or snow—whatever weather is thrown our way— reshapes its outline. If I pay attention to this, my whole mood shifts.


It’s easy to scoff at the indulgence of the little things. Getting the perfect Instagram angle, ordering your favorite latte, petting a stranger’s dog—these things don’t matter in the long run. It’s easy to dismiss these everyday pick-me-ups because they’re not as exciting as acing a difficult exam or receiving a pay raise.

But when you treat yourself with something small and intentionally appreciate it, you’re training yourself to live positively. Once I started focusing on the little things, such as the flavor of a London Fog drink or the sunlight on the Minneapolis skyline, it became easier to look forward to my day. Now I see how much good it holds.

I’m not saying these little indulgences are a cure to mental illnesses or the effects of trauma. But when you’re homesick, struggling with a particularly stressful semester, or simply stuck in a rut, it helps to focus on the everyday positives.

It’s not the latte that changes your day. Rather, it’s your willingness to notice and appreciate its rich flavors and warmth that encourages you to identify the good in your surroundings. Don’t feel embarrassed about enjoying the seemingly insignificant moments, and don’t dismiss those moments as inconsequential, either. The more you enjoy the little things, the more you’ll find reasons to celebrate all the good that life has to offer.

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