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Needs Not Met

Chicano & Latino Studies department struggles without proper University funding

“I think there is a difference between surviving and thriving,” Jesus Estrada, a teaching specialist in the Chicano & Latino Studies department at the University of Minnesota, said.

Estrada co-led a “teach-in” lecture in Blegan Hall this spring aimed to inform students about the changes […]

Relationships and Your Mental Health

Love makes us happy and healthy

Relationships aren’t just a way to connect; it turns out they have a multitude of health benefits, too.

Recent studies have found that being in a relationship can significantly decrease stress, help reduce mental health problems, and increase levels of the chemicals in our brain that make us happy.


Matt and Kim’s “New Glow”

“New Glow,” Matt and Kim’s fifth studio album, is the most fun album to come out recently.

“New Glow,” Matt and Kim’s fifth studio album, is the most fun album to come out recently. Fueled by a “live in the moment” attitude, and Matt and Kim’s new found love, this album both builds on their […]

Course evaluations to go online in the fall

Students will be able to view feedback on specific courses

For many years, student groups such as the Minnesota Students Association advocated for the results of University of Minnesota course evaluations to be released to students to aid them in future course registration. This fall, parts of students’ end-of-semester course evaluations will be available online […]

Blank Plate, Blank Slate

Using the plate as a canvas to elevate your meals at home

When we go out to a restaurant, we want more than just good food prepared for us. We want an experience. Or, in a word—presentation. We want our eyes to focus on the bright salmon tartare amuse-bouche. We want to savor the precise, […]

How To Be Spontaneous

Interest in improv classes grows for Minneapolis theaters

As I hang up my coat, a dark-haired woman beside me asks if I know what I’m getting myself into. I cautiously shake my head and she laughs. “Me neither. But I figured I had to do something with my life.”

Right then, as that woman and […]

Radio Silence

Why the Western world ignores third world crises

Over the course of several hours, 147 people were killed and countless others wounded in what has been determined to be the deadliest terrorist attack in Kenya in seventeen years. On April 2, four gunmen entered Garissa University College in Kenya, separating the students by religion and […]

How to Lose a Guy in One Hour

A look back on my first (double) date

I remember the day I realized I’d die alone. It was the summer before my senior year of high school. I was sixteen, had the social skills of an engineering major, the eyeliner application skills of Marilyn Manson, and the raw sex appeal of a cantaloupe. To […]

The Comedian Out of Comedy

Our favorite funny guys in their most serious roles

In television and film, actors and actresses rarely cross the line between comedy and drama. Yet when they do, they earn the respect of their peers and fans alike. Oftentimes, it is these roles that earn them an Academy Award nomination or win. Here’s some of […]

Q&A: Ali Jaafar of Ecstattic Studio

A light in the attic

Stray rays of sun seep in through a skylight, spreading across a sloped-ceiling attic of oddball amps, a shelf of guitar pedals, and a man in thick-lensed glasses sitting behind a mixing board. That man, Ali Jaafar, is the driving force behind Ecstattic Studio, a DIY recording studio with an […]