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The Guy Behind Center

Why the Minnesota Vikings quarterback carousel continues to spin in 2014

The Vikings are bad. Anyone who lives in Minnesota, knows anything about the NFL, or has turned on a Sunday matinée game can see it. It’s a weekly cycle, the fans get excited only to be let down by another last second, heartbreaking play […]

Raw Honey: It’s the Beez Kneez

An all-natural bee raising/honey making movement taken to the next level

It’s a sunny mild fall day in Minneapolis. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, everything seems normal.  That’s when a black and yellow painted bike peddled heartily by a woman wearing a helmet with antennas on it flashes down the road.

Yes, […]

Our Mini-President

A primitive look at Minnesota’s governor elections

Every four years, the U.S. holds the momentous event of choosing our next president. However, in the off years, people forget about those offices that can be equally as important: governors.

Thinking back to our high school social studies classes, we know that the federal government has a […]


Scandinavian electropop badass reflects on her second national tour this year, talks her second album, and shares her thoughts on how fucked-up youth is today

Danish singer MØ, born Karen Marie Ørsted, is a rising force in the electronic pop scene and a SXSW fan favorite. NME called her style “electro music with guts.” She […]

Q&A: Neon Hitch

Singer-songwriter and trapeze artist debuts “gypsy-pop” record this month

Neon Hitch is an upcoming singer-songwriter under the self-titled genre “Gypsy-Pop.” This genre is inspired by her heritage and upbringing as a trapeze artist in her Gypsy family’s traveling circus. Although she hails from Britain, her sound is Bollywood meets jazz, with ethnic undertones and energetic […]

Farmers Market Tour

Freshness from Northeast to Lake Street

Believe it or not, Minneapolis has 27 farmers markets. We’ve done cinnamon rolls; we’ve done pizza. It’s time The Wake sampled something a little less fattening. We did, thankfully, still find fattening things at several farmers markets.

Skip the trip to Cub Foods this week and get your produce […]

Sex, Drugs, and Children’s Books

Rock Legend Keith Richards Writes Loving Memoir in “Gus and Me”

Looking back at childhood memories, there are instances and people who shape our future. “Every time I walk onstage, every time I write a song, every time I reach for a guitar and play a few dinka-plinks for my own grandchildren, I say to […]

Bringing the Battle Home

Inspired by her own experience with disability, a Bloomington native is on a mission to raise awareness for the plight of disabled people living in developing countries

If Kelsey Lindell had been born in a rural part of Africa instead of Minnesota, there’s a good chance that she wouldn’t be alive today. Born with […]

5 Fall Things

Perfect ways to spend an autumn day

In case you are new to the cities or are just looking for some fun things to get out of the house and try this fall, here are 5 awesome ideas to get you started. So grab some friends, throw on your coziest sweater, and get ready to […]

10 Things to Do Before the Cap and Gown

Whether you’re starting out, or finishing up, this is for you…

For some of us students here on campus, our college days are coming to an end. When I was a freshman I created the cliche bucket list–everything I wanted to do before I graduated college and entered the real world. I made a list […]