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Q&A: Greta Morgan

Indie-pop sweetheart and multi-instrumentalist Greta Morgan has spent a third of her life playing in a band.

Indie-pop sweetheart and multi-instrumentalist Greta Morgan has spent a third of her life playing in a band. She saw early success with The Hush Sound and toured with Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy before […]

Meatless in Minneapolis

The Herbivorous Butcher offers the vegan meats you never knew you wanted

On a sunny Saturday noon, my sister and I ventured to Sisyphus Brewing to visit a shuffleboard tournament and pop-up shop hosted by new kid on the vegan block, The Herbivorous Butcher.

Compelled by our young, hipster tendencies, we had decided to try […]

Summer Music Festivals: The New and Unconventional

Seven under-the-radar festivals in 2015

While college kids keep their winter thermostats at uncomfortably cold temperatures and save quarters on off-brand grocery items, music festivals are one of the few big purchases that many of us are pretty ok with handing over cash for. As the early bird tickets begin to sell out and the […]

Q&A: B.O.Y.F.

Minneapolis’ buzzy new-wave pop band, B.O.Y.F., is a trio of bright musicians promoting positivity and groovy-ness with their eccentric and harmonious tunes. Formerly known as “White Boyfriend,” they changed their name to “Before Others, Yourself Forever,” retaining the light-hearted humor of the first name but eschewing its sharp snark in place of a message of […]

50 Shades of Gravy

Brave New Workshop tackles everyday discrimination onstage

Trigger warning: the following show begins with a flood of trigger warnings, and sketches demonstrating their relevance to everyday life. This spring, Brave New Workshop’s sketch comedy show 50 Shades of Gravy starts off with a self-aware word of caution and follows with material as hilarious as it […]

The Wake’s Official Amateur Weird Beer Review

Taste testing funky brews for your reading pleasure

By Lauren Cutshall, Kelcie McKenney, Emily Mongan, and Alex Nelson

What do you get if you put a bunch of writers in a room and give them weird beer? Well, words like “pudding-y” for one. “Hella hoppy,” for another. And my personal favorite, “spicy spiciness.” […]

Groceries in Transit

The Twin Cities Mobile Market takes fresh food on the go

2015 may not have the hover cars that Back to the Future predicted, but Dr. Emmet Brown himself probably never anticipated that in the future we would be able to grocery shop on a bus. The Twin Cities Mobile Market is an endeavor that […]

Looking Down the Rabbit Hole

Explore the Twin Cities music scene through the UnderCurrentMPLS’ lens

The local music scene of a city is like a high school A.V. club. There is a hushed sense of cool that only a select number of people know about, something of a secret that no one else in the outside world would understand. Incessantly […]

The Root of All Evil

A lengthy legacy in late night metal radio

Enter a side door tucked between a parking lot and a narrow brick alleyway in Cedar-Riverside, take the elevator up, and enter into a studio that has broadcast what is likely the longest running metal radio show in the U.S., if not the world: the Root of […]

Q&A: The Riveter

The Riveter is a Minneapolis-based publication that focuses on longform storytelling by women.

Founders Kaylen Ralph of Illinois and Joanna Demkiewicz of Iowa met as students of the University of Missouri while working for the city newspaper. Frustrated with the lack of female journalists given a space to write in areas other than beauty and […]