About Us:

The Wake Student Magazine is a fortnightly (bi-weekly), student-operated news, arts and entertainment publication. University of Minnesota students from many disciplines do all of the reporting, writing, editing, illustration, photography, layout and business management for The Wake.

Publication History

The Wake was founded in spring 2002 by two University of Minnesota Twin Cities undergraduate students, Chris Ruen and James Delong. The two undergrads created a student-run newspaper that creates discussion, awareness of campus and local issues, excitement and a sense of community on the Twin Cities Campus. The Independent Press Association’s Campus Journalism Project named the magazine and the website the Best Independent Campus Publication in 2006. “With each well-crafted issue, The Wake covers considerable ground… in a way that’s relevant to the campus community.”

The story of our name is best told in this original posting by our 2005 Editor-in-Chief, Kay Steiger.

Our Mission Statement

The Wake strives to be a voice for students as well as a source of information on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities Campus. By providing a forum for the reporting, opinions, and creativity of students for students, we hope to foster diversity in discussion and to strengthen the sense of a campus community. Read our founders’ original statements.

The Wake is published with support from Generation Progress.


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