A Dad’s Guide to (3) Memes

A not-so-comprehensive guide 

By Allison Colsch


            Let’s be honest, I’m not a father. But I do know several dads, and they all agree that “dank me-mes” are things of mystery. Back in the good old days, memes were simple with just a picture and funny phrase. Now, memes have complex layers and require seemingly extensive background knowledge to understand the joke. With this in mind, I decided to create a short, probably unhelpful, guide for three of the most popular memes.


  1. Kermit Sipping Tea

Who knew that an image of a muppet drinking tea would become a staple in meme culture? This photo has sparked the movement of passive aggressive gossip being branded as “tea,” and now you can display the perfect level of sass with just a simple picture.

  1. You Know I Had to Do It to Em

To be honest, even us young’uns don’t really know what this man had to do, but rest assured that he had to do it to em. The image of this man standing with his arms clasped in front of his white outfit continues to haunt us as we try to figure out just what he did.

  1. Then Perish

I am not sure what humanity did to warrant Obama’s wrath, but a red-tinted photo of his disapproving eyes makes it clear that he is not messing around. If you ever want to express your disapproval toward someone, just send this picture, and the message will come across loud and clear.


This is a mere fraction of all the existing memes in the world. There are too many memes to even possibly attempt to dissect them all, but the internet is definitely your friend in this regard. Don’t be afraid to venture onto www.knowyourmeme.com for more informational content regarding our generation’s favorite coping mechanism. Prepare to be confused and question the sanity of our current society.

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